Friday, April 01, 2005

The changing face of John Paul II

I remember the first years of his pontificate, which is telling considering how young I was. The new Polish pope was energetic, progressive, aggressively pacifist. He traveled a lot and was fond of young people. For a time, it seemed he would save the Catholic Church from middle-age fundamentalism.

1. Pope John Paul II is a fervent believer that the devil, who he calls a "cosmic liar and murderer", is a real presence in the world and has personally carried out exorcisms.
2. The former Archbishop of Boston, accused of covering up the activities of paedophile priests and forced to resign, was given a prestigious sinecure by the Pope yesterday.

3. A solid wall of Vatican-published paper now stands between his successors and an attempt to review the doctrine on birth control and much else.

In contrast, here are some news tidbits from the last year or so from The Guardian:
Add to that his stances against contraception and the any form of legitimacy for homosexuality, it doesn’t paint a bright picture.

The pope’s PR has always been excellent. However, when the product becomes stale the best PR in the world can’t do much.


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