Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The grass is greener on the dark side

I met yet another reporter-turned-PR-flack today. After many years as a journalist in a weekly, he finally took a PR Officer job with an Ontario school board a few months ago.

Why jump the fence? "No more crazy hours, there's less stress. It gives me more family time."

Sure, plenty of people in the business work 80-hour weeks, but it's true there are many jobs out there for those who want to actually have a life outside of work, at least for a few years while the kids grow up. Meanwhile, most journalists haven't seen a real improvement in their conditions over the last ten years. For many, media concentration has meant even more work, as they have to feed the associated radio station or weekend paper on top of their regular workload. That makes them very receptive to offers of pre-packaged news by public relations professionals.

"Welcome to the Dark Side", I told the former reporter. His smile made it clear there would be no looking back.


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