Thursday, March 03, 2005

A four-headed network

At last, a truly global 24-hour news TV network with production offices all around the world is getting underway. After months of speculations, the future network is hiring.

CNN? No. The BBC? Wrong again. The CBC? Oh, that’s a good one!

This fall, Al-Jazeera is launching its global information network, in English. It will broadcast from its main studios in Qatar only six hours per day. The Tokyo studios will then take over for another six hours, then New York and finally London.

From what I’ve seen of it on their English-language web site, Al-Jazeera isn’t making good journalism… yet. But the incredible creative friction that will develop between the four production centres might just be what it needs to become something interesting. In any case, it will be unique, a development as important in the history of television as the launch of CNN. That alone is reason to watch.


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