Monday, March 07, 2005

Do the work and shut up

In PRFuel, Ben Silverman points his blog readers to a Washington Post’s article about a small American PR firm that came under fire for boasting about its work in the Ukrainian election. That earned the Web-builders a strong reaction from the Russian media and the displeasure of their client, the Global Fairness Initiative.

As Mr. Silverman reminds us, boasting about your accomplishments without the client’s approval is a no-no in this business.

There is something more to this story though, and that’s the Global Fairness Initiative’s outraged claim that the site "had nothing to do with the election".

That’s strange… The main page has a "The Orange Revolution" button on it (in large orange letters no less). Click on it and you’ll see an endorsement of everything the main opposition party was standing for.

Okay, let’s do a little journalism of our own. I’ll write to the Global Fairness Initiative and see how they spin that one. I’ll keep you informed.


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