Thursday, May 27, 2004

It sucked, but everyone did a great job

New York Times Editors Bill Keller and Jill Abramson sent a memo to their newsroom staff saying it's not the reporter's fault if their publication printed false information about the situation in Iraq before the war. They were all "misled on a number of stories by Iraqi informants dealing in misinformation."

Let's see if I get this straight... So they were fed blatantly false information about weapons of mass destruction by the Iraqi National Congress, an organization that's been trying to get the U.S. to invade Iraq for years. There was no way anyone could verify the information, so the CIA, the White House, the New York Times and CNN all assumed it was true.

Now that it's clear most of those WMD claims were entirely fabricated by the INC, everyone's whining: but they lied to us! Not very mature. How about saying some people didn't do their jobs properly?

I'm as anxious as anyone to see INC's mouthpiece Ahmed Chalabi arrested, but don't you think many people were way too complacent?


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